About Me


Born on March 4, 1970 in a small village in the Veneto province in Italy, under the sign of fish. Growed with healthy principles, he lived a happy childhood with his family, that ran a small farm.

In his adolescence two streets were initially presented, the first being the prospect of a sporting career in boxing, a sport that he practiced since the early adolescence, and soon to become a real commitment, as well as a personal level And a professional one. The second was the dream of becoming a designer fueled by his passion for comics,a passion that he had since childhood and that induced him to attend numerous courses for designers and cartoonist

Two paths, two adolescent passions, perhaps seemingly in contrast to each other: although at that time it was unclear, there is a deep bond between body culture and creativity.
In 1989, after maturity, Lorenzo go for Naja service. This period, for many lived with negativity, considering it a useless waste of time, for him instead it was the first real change opportunity. The opportunity to know places, people and ideas other than the usual routine of the countryside. It was the right time to get out of that tangle of adolescent uncertainties in which he had been tormentad for a long time.

Right after he has fulfilled the obligations of leverage, Thanks to the knowledge acquired at school time, Lorenzo began to draw comic strips for newspapers of the sector: Casablanca, Comix, Il resto del Carlino, Totem, etc. Without however being able to earn enough to gain independence from his parents.

In 1991, unexpectedly, a new opportunity arose: that of becoming a model! A profession not yet well defined, totally absent from his old adolescent ideals, despite his attraction to the culture of body, But that he had never considered.

So while continuing to perfect in other fields, he decided to pursue this new project by attending a course for aspiring male models. Unfortunately, one of the many courses that in the imagination of boys emphasize those dreams that unfortunatly do not coincide with the reality.

"But not all the evils coming to harm", indeed, within that school he was lucky enough to meet and know the Italo-American Vito Andrisani, at that time photographer at the beggining of his career, with whom Lorenzo established a solid friendship And a productive collaboration.
This featured its beginnings, with small photographic services, fashion shows, fitting, show rooms and events.

The success did not delay, in the spring of 1993 the participation in Marco Masini's "T'innamorerai" videoclip was for him the real launch that has led him today to have hundreds of fashion shows, editorials, advertising , catalogs, host TV, calendars and important events and become an esteemed publisher and manager, professions that continue to give him the same charge, passion and grint as being on an eternal "ring" called life.