About me

Lorenzo Zanirato (born on March 4, 1970) is a model, publisher, writer, tv character and manager born in Italy.

He is the highest known male model in the world, among the first male models and known for his muscular body and abdominal sculpt.

Zanirato, who was discovered by Italo-american photographer Vito Andrisani in 1991, is approximately 1.92 m. tall (6 feet 4 inches) and weighs 90 kg. (200 libbre). Most known for his advertisements, he has also modeled for the world's most renowned designers

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Fashion events

Photo and videos of the fashion show and events selected among the thousands made in recent years.
Fashion and entertainment, a marriage that has always fascinated influenzers and bloggers, in this selection you will see some of the most fashionable and worldly events in the most beautiful locations in the territory.
Models, designers, actors and tv characters have contributed to making each event unique and unforgettable in the fashion and the show.

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Male Models calendar

The Malemodels group was formed in 2001. During an event, Santiago, Davis Wakengire and Lorenzo Zanirato had the idea of forming the group and realize the first calendar of male models.
Since then, a lot of road have been made, Malemodels has become one of most popular calendars in the teritory and celebrated by newspapers, magazines and tv shows. Hundres of calendar's presentation were made in the most renowned and famous locations.

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